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Fetisch-Kurzgeschichte: Petplay-Befehle im Blätterwirbel
21 January 2024

Fetish short story: Petplay commands in the swirl of leaves

In the picturesque town of Marbledale, known for its orderly streets and meticulously manicured gardens, lived a woman named Mrs....

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03 December 2023

FLR fetish short story

In a tranquil small town surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes lived a couple who had an unconventional relationship...

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Latex Geschichte - Sexfantasien mit junger Praktikantin
21 August 2023

Latex story - sex fantasies with a young intern

Dressed in latex pants, he is waiting at the counter of a car repair shop. Secretly watching the redhead intern...

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SM Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Toiletten Fetisch und KV Fetisch
04 July 2023

SM Fetish Short Story: Toilet Fetish and KV Fetish

Is the KV fetish a perverse fetish? Are the toilet fetish and the enema fetish weird fetishes? Sexual fetishes and...

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Fetischgeschichte: Die strenge Lehrerin in der Berufsfachschule
21 June 2023

Fetish story: The strict teacher in the vocational school

Dive into the story of Jan, a student in Ms. Koenig's notorious trade school class. Find out how he loses...

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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte - Date mit einer unbekannten Latex Lady
27 May 2023

Fetish Short Story - Date with an unknown latex lady

She wore a tight shiny latex dress that accentuated her sexy curves and made her skin glow. I couldn't take...

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BDSM Geschichte - Die Sklavin Ella und ihre sexy Gefangenschaft
27 May 2023

BDSM Story - The slave girl Ella and her sexy captivity

The crowd of bidders gasped when they saw what awaited them: hanging from the ceiling, hooks pierced her nipples, and...

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BDSM Kurzgeschichte - Latex Bondage mit Nippelklemmen
18 May 2023

BDSM short story - latex bondage with nipple clamps

What happens to a very overweight slave who visits a latex dominatrix and wishes to be humiliated to the extreme...

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