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Ratgeber: Nein sagen und Zurückweisung im Kink akzeptieren

Advice: Say no and accept rejection in the kink

Navigating a BDSM dating scene can be difficult for many submissives - and saying "no" to unwanted advances, messages or requests even more so. Knowing how to decline respectfully is an essential skill. Our life coach and podcaster Jessy has some tips for you on how to express yourself clearly, while at the same time staying in a good mood in these kinds of situations. Recognize your power as a submissive, standing up to those who demand immediate action simply because of their dominant status - only you know what is best for you!

Reject contact requests and accept and name limits in the fetish

A BDSM relationship is based on trust and honesty. Hiding your true feelings prevents you from forming meaningful connections with the people you play with, leading to betrayal of yourself and others. It's important to always listen to your gut and not feel obligated or pressured into any type of interaction that you are uncomfortable with. Saying no can be an empowering choice and an opportunity for honest dialogue that can uncover the root cause of what makes us hesitate in certain situations. Respecting yourself by expressing boundaries is key when it comes to being authentic in interpersonal relationships. Respectfully declining a session is paramount to promoting consensus. Refusal should always be an option, both for your well-being and that of the other person involved. Setting boundaries can help avoid awkward situations in the future, but it requires sensitivity when expressing one's desires.

Dating sites, online dating and partner search online - tips for dealing with rejection

Open but polite communication is key. Just let her know that you don't think it would work as a play partner between the two of you unless there are prior commitments or mutual understandings that have already been made together. Respect is the basis of any consensual interaction. If you do not wish to enter into a session with anyone, that is your prerogative and should always be honored without question. A polite refusal should not violate social conventions. You can remain honest yet polite when sharing your decision not to come to terms together. It can help to focus on why you two wouldn't make good partners, rather than pointing blame or making negative comments. This keeps things professional while respecting each other's feelings.

Dating platforms, online flirt and dating exchanges - reject contacts and reject a request

Asserting your needs and saying "no" can be difficult, but know that it will benefit you, the person receiving the message, and anyone else who may face similar harassment in the future. When a situation arises where someone you admire is asking you to do something that is outside of your comfort zone or not what they see fit for you. Remember to trust in yourself and hold firm to personal boundaries. Dom/me can approach you with the expectation of having all their dreams of domination fulfilled, that's perfectly fine and part of the roleplay. But while these messages are not necessarily meant to be bad, they can appear dehumanizing and objectifying if the sender is treated without courtesy or respect. Then it's okay, and even should be, to say a simple "no." Finally, one important tip: If persistent messages become threatening in any way, please report back immediately on the platform you are using. You will surely get help there. For detailed life advice, please write to me at: Kisses, your Jessy

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