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Ratgeber: Latex Pflege und Latex Kleidung aufbewahren

Advice: Store latex care and latex clothing

Latex care, dressing tips and storing latex clothing

Avoid pulling hard when dressing. This could cause the latex to tear. To ensure that the latex glides better over your body when you put it on, you should Apply a thin layer of silicone oil to the inside. If the piece does If it's oiled, it should work without it. If you still have difficulties When getting dressed, you can also use some talcum powder or something special Apply silicone oil (not any other oil) to the body. If you're great If you have fingernails, please be careful. Furthermore, if you If you have piercings, please be careful here too. Please do the same when undressing Again, don't pull hard and watch out for sharp fingernails. If necessary, just work step by step. However, it's the easiest way under the shower.

Care for latex properly and wash and care for latex

After we all successfully get out of our new favorite piece Once you get out, it's time to clean. There are many on the market special cleaning products for latex. We have the best experience However, with normal, albeit high-quality, dishwashing detergent made. This has proven successful over the last 10 years. For washing Simply pour lukewarm water with a splash of detergent into the sink and wash the pieces, especially from the inside. Then with Rinse with clear water until no more detergent sticks to the latex. For You can use larger pieces in the bathtub. Who will do that later? If you want to save on oiling, you can now use water again, together with one Add a shot of pure silicone oil to the sink and pour the latex through it Draw water, which forms a thin silicone oil film. So pearls the water separates better from the latex and the piece dries faster. After Once everything has been washed, the latex needs to be hung up to dry. In addition simply use a clothesline or drying rack. Stockings and You hang gloves on each foot or finger with a clothespin on. This allows the water to drain better. Catsuits and larger pieces Hang it on a clothes hanger and let it drain. What is important is that Latex is completely dry on both sides. While the latex dries, stains may form on the latex. This is completely normal and she disappear again when the latex is dry.

Important tip for caring for latex clothing

Important: Never open the window while the latex is drying. this applies especially in summer. Because of the ozone in the air and the damp latex oxidizes the material and it becomes brittle.

Latex care products, latex care oil and how to store latex clothing?

Latex is very durable and can easily last 10 years if cared for properly. Here we will explain to you how to optimally care for your new piece in the long term and can make it durable: The washed and dry latex, which optimally already treated with silicone oil as described above, is now stored. If you haven't used silicone oil yet, rub the latex now. You can do this with a lint-free cloth or your hand use. We recommend that you always use pure silicone oil Avoid products with additives. You get pure silicone oil in it the pharmacy. Talcum powder is also ideal for the latex To store clothing successfully and to protect the valuable material protect. Stockings, gloves, masks, hoods and other smaller items can be stored in a box with a lid or a plastic bag. It is very important that only pieces with the same color are together allowed to come. Otherwise there may be discoloration that no longer occurs can be removed.

Be sure to avoid contact with metal. If in one piece If zippers or buttons are made of metal, please complete them close and store individually so that no other piece comes into contact with it the metal comes. Larger pieces such as catsuits, dresses, long tops, etc. can be hung on a clothes hanger (not a metal hanger). Cover the Larger pieces on the hangers with garment bags to avoid oxidation Prevent ozone from the air. This result usually only becomes apparent After a few years. Therefore, prevent this by keeping your pieces well closed and stored in a cool, dark place. Avoid if possible on shine sprays. These usually only have one part silicone oil and are diluted with other substances. Just to be on the safe side, avoid it Silicone sprays from the hardware store. These are also made with other substances mixed. Please always keep latex away from fats. Fats as in Body lotions, hand creams, Vaseline, etc. can use the latex sustainably and irrevocably destroy. If you follow our top tips, you will You can enjoy your fetish treasures for a very long time. We wish you Have fun with your new latex garment. If you are still on If you're looking for something and trying it out, you'll find high-quality items from us the best latex that will enrich your love life. Also as a gift always an optimal choice. Order your new favorite piece today Surprise yourself or your loved ones.

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