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Ratgeber: Tipps und Informationen zum Crossdressing

Guide: Tips and information on crossdressing

Are Silicone Crossdressers Extreme Fetishes?

"Would you like to do something nice with me? I would find it very arousing if i dressed up as a woman with something you could do. I enjoy it and feel amazing comfortable with it."

What probably the chat partner answered when she asked this question a friend received, which surprised her greatly? The question is bold in any case, provided by a crossdresser. But who are these? People who call themselves crossdressers? Who with this term at a tasty salad vinaigrette is completely wrong. Much more describes crossdressing as a kind of fetish, which in whole can appear in different forms. Here stands for the Sexual gratification is not always the focus of exercisers happening. Why a crossdresser not as it were a Drag queen is and crossdressing has found a place in society has, you can find out here.

What does crossdressing mean?

Crossdressing means the desire of men and women to temporarily to slip into other gender roles. Men wear it, for example everyday women's clothing and women take on men's attributes at. He enjoys wearing a skirt; you do it Pleasure to wear a suit. The need to be gender reciprocal Wearing clothes first became conscious in the 1970s from which the term crossdressing/crossdresser came into being. The majority the crossdressers are men. Originally the homosexual and Originating from the transvestite scene, these movements shaped the early days crossdressing.

Similar to the drag queens, the role change is enjoyable in the foreground. Whether a performance staged or rather the silent one Alone in the bathroom moment is preferred by crossdresser too Crossdressers different. Unlike the drag queens can Crossdressers can be gay as well as straight. Also is with the Role reversal does not always involve sexual expression. Many Practitioners focus on having fun. To that extent the question remains to what extent crossdressing is a fetish can be spoken of or more of a hobby, similar theater lovers. Crossdressing has evolved and evolved over time increasingly popular. Nowadays it can be found in theater and film, as ritual or cultural act, as a political statement or as means of sexual stimulation.

Men and women of history who practiced crossdressing

Many people primarily associate the term crossdressing with one Fetish or an action intended to generate pleasure. The man, who likes to wear womens underwear and enjoys being in it for some time to slip into the role of a woman.

History includes autobiographies of people who Undertook crossdressing to pursue certain goals. Often were these are politically motivated. From the 13th century is the legend of Johannes Angkicus/Pope Joan known. Disguised out of necessity Johanna as a man in order to be able to learn to read and write. Because of of the strict conventions in force at the time, this was only possible for her as a monk possible in a monastery. Since she was very inquisitive and ambitious, she fell on the board of directors and advanced in the church ranks up to to the office of Pope. Is the legend based on a true story? cannot be clearly reconstructed from today's perspective.

Also known from the history books is Mulan. A young and brave Woman who slipped into the role of a man and became a soldier. So she prevented her father from being drafted into the war and took his hire

Especially in the notorious war years, many soldiers recognized the Use to impersonate a woman. So they talked to each other in Women's clothes to escape the dreariness of hard everyday life. But even deserters could save their lives by being a woman disguised escaped control, because women were becoming a lot at that time searched less often.

Viktoria Says also used the role reversal of the sexes, who is due to her passion for shooting loved to become a soldier to serve in war. Since there was no medical back then There was an examination to determine eligibility, Says took it identity of "John the Recruit". This game of hide-and-seek kept them three Upheld for years and successfully remained unrecognized. She became after Unmasking is revered as a war hero and especially by feminists celebrated because she acted braver than many of her colleagues and a whole men's regime in the misconception.

Are Crossdressers Drag Queens and Transgenders?

There are crossdressers, drag queens/drag kings and transgenders some parallels, but each one is unique and all are not to compare with each other. By dressing in gender atypical Clothing doesn't always go well with crossdressers along. Being transsexual is therefore not a criterion and neither is it condition for crossdressing. So transgender people follow others content intentions, as well as the drag queens and drag kings. want these usually portraying a woman's behavior and looks in a show show humorous and artistic aspects. The Crossdressers, on the other hand, usually look less for the big stage than for it the personal pleasure of experimenting and trying out clothes can.

Crossdressing and scientific knowledge

Less is known and researched about crossdressing than might be supposed could. Whether this movement has existed since the 70s, did this form live of fetishism often in secret. But increasingly more People are fed up with the game of hide-and-seek and present themselves with it her dress preferences in public, regardless of hers gender and sex.

So far, science has not found any answers as to why and how specifically crossdressing as a preference. Although speculation is circulating that upbringing and family circumstances have an influence on it could, but there is no clear result in this regard. Many Crossdressers tell of their first experiences between the ages of six and ten years ago when they started experimenting with clothing. In addition male crossdressing more explored than female. At Women are increasingly suspected of reasons other than sexual stimulation. Equality has not yet arrived in crossdressing. Women can wear pants and suits without discrimination without one fear of social exclusion. men have it to that extent much more difficult, simply according to your mood to put on a dress or a skirt without to be discriminated against.

Crossdressing in the fashion world

Clothing has always been a means of expressing one's personality traits or statements. Crossdressing also uses clothes to get you to create an individual style. This is how dressing up sometimes becomes one political protest or a social liberation. By swapping roles, crossdressing shows that everyone wears it can do what makes him happy.

Gender stereotypical clichés are a relic of the past conferences and have no place in the fashion world. In this the term crossdressing also describes the combination of many styles. Usually these do not match in their diversity, so that it comes to a daring mix. In addition, means crossdressing in the fashionable World also bringing different designers together. The joining of two Styles that don't go together in themselves let crossdressing become successful and socially acceptable. So it is also reflected on the catwalk reflected. Women unashamedly wear male clothing. Men wear makeup and high heels and skirts. some Crossdresser walks more confidently in heels than a real woman.

Crossdressing as an art form

Crossdressing has been around in theater and the arts for a very long time. The Dressing up and switching from one role to another has been around for always part of good acting. Since in Europe the women was forbidden for a long time to take part in a theatre, they had to male employees take on female roles. This included also the exchange of clothes that the women depicted are due to acting ability so truly imitated that the viewer could hardly more noticed a difference. Well-known women in the art scene were Sarah Bernhardt and Liesl Karlstadt. Sarah Bernhardt played in 1899 the male protagonist Hamlet so convincing that no one can disguised woman behind Hamlet. Liesl Karlstadt acted as a team with Karl Valentin and often played a man on stage. These comedies looked so real that the masked woman was completely behind the figures disappeared.


Very often, crossdressing for sexual gratification is experienced as a kind of fetish and used. The reversal of roles and the associated change of Gender-typical clothing leads to the climax and the loved one mental flies. Equal to the use of classic sex toys the clothes are integrated into the lovemaking in such a way that they takes the leading role. But crossdressing is now in other areas as well found in many areas of life and is increasingly gaining a foothold of society. Perhaps along this path the game of hide and seek for the Affected soon an end! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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