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Ratgeber: WAM als geile Wetlook Variante

Guide: WAM as a hot wet look variant

The different types of wet look fetishes

When most people think of fetishes, they think of something weird or crazy. In truth, however, there are all kinds of fetishes, and many of them are actually quite popular. One such fetish is the wet look fetish. This fetish is about clothes that are wet, usually from water or some other liquid. Let's take a closer look at this popular fetish and explore some of the different types and fashion hits.

Mimicking the wet look with wet look lingerie and wet look catsuit

The wet look is probably the most popular type of Wetlook-Fetish, as it promises sensual pleasure in full intensity. For the viewer and the wet-feeler. The wet look can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as using spray bottles, dousing oneself with liquids or even taking a dip in a pool or lake while wearing the appropriate clothing.

Many people like the wet look because it creates a unique visual effect. Clothes that are normally dry can take on a completely new look when wet, which can be very arousing for some people. In addition, the wet look can also be combined with other fetishes, for example foot fetishism or lingerie fetishism. Especially in this area, there are a lot of wonderful ways in the fashion world to wear the special Wetlook fabric, which is meant to resemble the look of a wet garment that is tight-fitting.

The Kinky WAM Fetish

In addition to the wet look, there is also the so-called WAM fetish. WAM stands for "wet and messy". As the name suggests, this fetish is about getting dirty with various liquids. Unlike the wet look, which usually involves water or another clear liquid, WAM often involves more viscous substances such as mud, food, paint, etc.

WAM can be quite messy and may not be everyone's cup of tea (pun intended). But for those who enjoy it, there is nothing quite like it. Many people find the messiness arousing and enjoy the feeling of being covered in different substances. In addition, WAM can also be combined with other fetishes such as bondage or spanking for an even more intense experience.

Wet Look Fetish and Wet Look Fashion

Whether you're into the wet look or prefer to get dirty with WAM, there's no doubt that both fetishes can be very entertaining. If you want to try either fetish (or both), you should do some research beforehand and find someone who shares your interests. The best way to do this is to read a guide and listen to a podcast. With a little preparation, you're guaranteed to have a wet and wild time! Discover our wet look fashion for every day and special moments of pleasure. We have excellent quality for every taste and every budget. Especially now in winter, but also at any time of the year, wet look dresses or lingerie fit perfectly. Do you already know the hot wetlook leggings or the hot catsuit? You can combine both fashion highlights with comfortable woollen jumpers and elegant heels or in a trendy style break with rustic ankle boots. Find what you're looking for - for yourself or your loved one as a gift.

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