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Sexratgeber: Tipps, um das Liebesleben aufzufrischen - Fetischismus in privaten Fetischkontakten oder mit einer Domina?

Sex guide: tips to freshen up your love life - fetishism in private fetish contacts or with a dominatrix?

Private or professional - How do I best live out my fetish?

The path to living out a fetish can sometimes be very long and difficult. First of all, your own awareness of this special need must be recognized and accepted in the next step. There are always obstacles, especially in the area of ​​acceptance and establishing a fetish.

Be it those that come from your personal environment or those that encompass social conventions. A variety of influences affect the affected person, from which they cannot always completely escape, even if they would probably like to.

Dominatrix date or private fetish meeting?

At some point, at best, this will all be clarified and the person concerned will look forward to actually living out their fetish. This opens up a multitude of dazzling and beautiful possibilities for this person, which they can put against each other and weigh up the arguments of those who speak for or against them.

Below we will address the question of which framework for practicing the fetish brings with it which advantages and disadvantages. Read the tips and refresh your personal love life. The

Living out a fetish in a private setting


  • Personal connection between those involved.
  • Contact is made out of genuine desire and interest, as it is voluntary and without conditions.
  • It is often easier to let go with a familiar person and familiar locations.
  • The expectations are usually not that high, so joyful experiences tend to happen more often.
  • The experiences are often deeper and have a more lasting effect.

Love-hate or fetish affection?


  • Feelings may develop that were not planned.
  • Unplanned emotions can create dynamics that can cause tension and conflict.
  • The seriousness and reliability are not always valued equally by everyone involved.
  • Anonymity can be lost due to a lack of discretion. This can expose a double life and lead to serious problems.
  • A basis of trust must be built up beforehand; it takes a lot of time to live it out.

Or would you rather have a professional setting for living out a fetish?


  • Individual preferences can be communicated directly without shyness.
  • There is a clear framework and binding agreements that provide security.
  • Emotions do not get in the way; a sex worker does not endanger a customer's personal environment in this respect.
  • The time frame and costs are clear at the beginning and easy to plan.
  • Hygiene, health protection and absolute discretion are guaranteed.


  • A service is perceived - awareness of this should not lead to internal conflicts.
  • Sympathy and appreciation, but no deep connection or love.
  • Depending on the type of fetish, the costs involved can be high.
  • Deep intimacy and a solid relationship of trust can only develop on a regular basis, if at all.
  • Very clear framework conditions can also be perceived as unpleasant if, for example, the agreed time has come to an end but not all needs have been met.

Ultimately, every person should choose the path that suits them best, that they feel comfortable with and that doesn't harm anyone involved. And if it works for everyone, that's fine, regardless of what others think. Just be brave!

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