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Blog: How to deal with a breakup?

What to do with the pain of separation with the ex-dom?

Breaking up is never easy, and it can be especially difficult when when a dom/femdom leaves unexpectedly with no prior indication. Our lives Coach Jessy offers important tips to get those on Rubberfashion to help process the pain, cut off abruptly to become and deal with their broken hearts.

Dealing with breakups and overcoming lovesickness

In a counseling session, a great person had this Issues that we are allowed to publish in consultation with him:

"Although I understand the importance of my mistress' decision to separate, acknowledge and respect, it still remains difficult for me to leave our relationship completely. time has shown that we are not meant to be reunited. There is however a lingering sadness that things are going so abruptly without warning or opportunity for reconciliation. Although I only tell her that Wishing the best in life, an unresolved bitterness accompanies it deeply perceived desire. With this outlook, despite several months since then has remained unchanged. How can I finally let go?"

lovesickness in men and heartbreak lovesickness

Jessy's answer:

After some time you can be open to the idea of another to connect. However, if you don't like this relationship give your full attention and all doubts from past experiences, she will not be able to be successful.

Breakups can be hard to deal with, especially when they're affecting you surprise and make you feel abandoned. It is possible that your femdom didn't intend to hurt you, but Ultimately, the feelings belong to you, how you perceive the situation! There is no need to apologize or feel bad; Rather, recognize what a challenging situation this was, and allow yourself an opportunity, with understanding compassion to advance.

How to deal with separation?

Coping with complex emotions after a breakup isn't easy task. Taking the time, own feelings - in this case that of being abandoned – recognizing, processing and accepting, is fundamental to get out unscathed and to heal the heart. The only way forward is that Acknowledging the complexity of what is lost, mourning its loss and finally letting go. Anything else could make you bitter or full of resentment leave against them (or yourself). So if bitterness is something that resonates in you right now: Have courage and allow yourself Mourn fully and be gentle as healing may take time, however eventually will come once all of the above has taken place.

What to do with separation pain?

Even though it may seem difficult, it is important to yourself and forgiving others to release the negativity that is a breakup can entail. Otherwise everything bad eats into your soul and won't do you any good over time. Think about all wrongdoing after which you might have committed. It's ok if there is any gives! Learn what lessons your experiences have taught you, with it joy and love in future relationships are no longer so difficult to find.

You are also tormented by questions about your relationship, your sexuality or other topics? Jessy is happy to be there for you. Our podcaster and Life coach from Rubberfashion listens to you! Write her a message to:

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