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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte - Das Vakuum Bett

Fetish Short Story - The Vacuum Bed

This story is for adults only!

When Sven asked Claudia on a Friday evening if she wanted to open the mysterious package he had received in the mail, she replied that she was curious - but only on one condition: Sven should get the other letters out of her mailbox and put them in Leave alone. He reluctantly agreed, though disappointed at not being able to see the treasures inside.
As soon as he had slashed the side and torn over 20 kilos of sweet-smelling latex paper, Claudia noticed an English delivery note - but that didn't interest her much compared to what she expected underneath!

A gas mask and two vibrating panties were suddenly in her hands. The mask had a welded-on latex hood, a hair guard, a large viewing window, and an attached gag. The panty's design was familiar, but it included additional features; small switches operated the bellows, and at the front was a three-centimetre-long catheter socket. Their hiding place offered both practical shelter and fun surprises! Her interest was immediately aroused by the combination of latex bodysuit, pantyhose and sweater - a beautiful mix of materials that seemed to accentuate her well-formed figure. She also discovered an incredibly light but robust catsuit made from thin latex material and two heavier catsuits lined with thicker rubber, which were complemented with zippers and hoods. It was amazing what else could be found in this box full of surprises: three metal objects in the form of dildos, each of which was very heavy and had electrical contact points for plausible plug connections. With the subtly desperate exclamation "Out of Stock!" she carefully cleared the mysterious objects from view.

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Excitedly, Claudia unpacked her purchases - a huge rubber sheet, a double-walled XL latex suit and finally a two meter long, air-filled sleeping bag. Her heart pounded as she thought of the tantalizing prospect of being locked inside one of these objects by Sven. Each time she opened the package, the anticipation of the enticing new possibilities that lay before her grew! Claudia knew it was wise to go for black latex and not the clear stuff. If only she were here now to enjoy her moment of pampering - a luxurious shower followed by nail care and lots of silicone oil. Concentrated, Claudia slipped into the tight-fitting suit, which only had a few openings at the neck and between the legs so that she could move! If she used enough force, she could penetrate through the collar, but unfortunately she couldn't keep up this trick for long... Anyway. She remained stubborn and determined: "Trying is wise!" She forced her body into the latex suit with difficulty. Her breath hitched with the effort as she slid each piece of rubber down her body, massaging it until it fitted every curve and even slit at the waist slightly above her stomach. She then carefully pulled the anatomical stockings on to both heels before slipping her long arms through an opening at the back of her neck, only to find them stretched by the constriction at the sides. Determined, she spread a liberal amount of silicone oil all over her limbs, and after some fiddling, the second-skin sleeves finally fitted like they had been custom made for her!

Claudia never thought that she would be so fascinated by a catsuit. She watched admiringly as her arms effortlessly slipped into the tight latex sleeves and the precise finger movements lay over them without any blisters. Even the high collar, which first snuggled menacingly against Claudia's waist and then against her chest, finally nestled against her neck with gentle pressure - as if it had always belonged there. With complementary breasts and no air bubbles or creases showing on either side of the torso. Claudia had to think of an old story about a girl who wrapped herself in layers of latex until she finally found the perfect hooded piece. Astonished, Claudia stared at the two rubber balls that were hanging between her legs and whose tension was already unbearable. It was a sight she never thought possible - even if the other parts of the mysterious package had held an insane fascination for her for weeks. With a mixture of nervousness and anticipation, Claudia flipped the switch on the strangely constructed device. She hadn't counted on them springing into action by accident - and yet she welcomed the unexpected surprise as if it had been planned from the start.

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As a test, Claudia pressed the rubber ball again and filled it with air. With a lustful moan she climaxed until - POP! - suddenly everything was over; the bellows in one hand, but the unrelenting pressure in her stomach still alive. After some trial and error around the plug. Soon all Claudia discovered were two small holes between her legs where the bells belonged and an illusory on/off switch for what could only be described as a "vibrator". Knowing there was no escape, she waddled desperately to the stacks of latex dresses that awaited her. She watched her glow in the mirror and tenderly lubricated every inch of her body. The black latex shimmered subtly, revealing a tempting décolleté with pronounced atria, while the gloves encased each wrist like a second skin. After slipping into a seductive rubber sweater, she slipped into ebony tights that effortlessly hugged her enticing curves as if a divine master had made them especially for her - legs that felt wonderfully flexible despite being fully covered. She stared admiringly at the glass reflection, its gleaming surface illuminated by multiple lamps. Except for a tiny detail that hinted at a touch of human nature, the face hidden beneath this peculiar ensemble disappeared from view.

Claudia dreaded the challenge of cramming her curvaceous body into a two-pound latex catsuit. The thick layers glittered in the light as she meticulously creamed every contour of her body to make sure no hair would get caught in the tightly coiled zipper. Despite the enormous size and uncompromising restriction of movement, Claudia was determined to conquer this instrument of domination - and so began one woman's journey into freedom from convention. With every force Claudia mustered to close the rubber suit, she felt more secure within the limits he imposed on her. The restraints—cuffed arms and a hat that prevented any movement—made even dressing almost impossible. With some perseverance and contortions, Claudia managed to pull up the zipper between her legs, but when it only reached to the bottom fold, she had ended up in a dead end! Only with great effort and maximum exhalation could she work her way up bit by bit until she was finally able to submit completely. But today was not about being constrained, it was about freeing yourself: unleashing yourself from within, without even having to unzip or untie a cord.

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Satisfied, Claudia tried on the new gas mask and found that although it fit well, it was not effective enough for her taste because it did not fog up. She made changes by using a plastic disk to reduce the inhalation opening until only five millimeters remained open. The breathing valve, while clearly whistling on exhalation, was more than adequate on previous attempts - it accurately met all of her breathing needs. Next, Claudia looked at the bag and was convinced of its strength and capacity - which gave her the idea of ​​filling this space with an electric pump, typically used to inflate sleeping bags or car tyres! With a touch of creativity, Claudia made an ingenious solution out of objects lying around. She took out the device and connected the pressure regulator so that all the important components were there: Only one part was missing - how do you turn off the pump at the end? She recalled her aquarium switch and hooked it up to the still-empty interior of the airbag with an extension cord, before donning a gas mask for protection. Taking deep breaths through the hissing hose attached to the outside, Claudia sealed herself inside while time ticked by until she could be released to freedom five minutes later.

As Claudia lay on her back, tension slowly built up around her. At first she found it difficult to move her arms, and with each breath the air grew heavier until she could exhale more easily. She had waited twenty minutes since finding a rubber balloon attached to a gas mask—there was still no sound of the pump, but it felt dangerous. Now, after all the waiting, Claudia felt something change inside her. It wasn't easy for her to breathe, but it was bearable - a sign that there might be light at the end of the long-awaited tunnel after all. The sweat dripped from her forehead and Claudia got scared because the pressure in the sack was getting harder and harder to bear. She noted that twenty minutes had passed since they had taken off, but there was no sound from outside, not even a powered pump, let alone one without power, both of which were necessary conditions for extrication. With the horror that filled every corner of her being, Claudia was confronted with the reality: It didn't happen fast enough - she was trapped!

With every breath, Claudia felt her chest tighten and she couldn't breathe. She fought an unseen force that seemed intent on sapping the last of her strength. But even in this desperate situation, determination repeatedly gave way to moments of restful dozing, filled with a strong cocktail of fear, excitement and lack of oxygen until one last feeling set in: panic. It was as if she were mocking her efforts to survive, contracting more and more with each life-giving breath. Slowly but surely, she stole from Claudia what was left to her after the first onslaught: hope! Claudia struggled in vain against her bonds and felt the heat of anger rising in her. Although she had done everything to prepare for Sven's return, he was nowhere to be seen and his teasing only reminded her that she was alone in captivity. Unable to put into words her frustration and displeasure at Sven's absence, Claudia instead growled - but that too seemed inadequately reflected by the gag covering her mouth. Disregarding Claudia's situation or her feelings, Sven continued, giving her what seemed like the ultimate ultimatum: "Take off these pumps if you want to get yourself out of your predicament - decide by tomorrow morning whether that's for dismissal or for Release leads!"

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When Claudia felt a fist of excitement in her abdomen, she surrendered completely to the moment. Her moans grew louder and longer, until silence finally fell, an almost deafening silence as the pressure from within eased. Then Sven reached out in front of him and unzipped the zipper that had been holding Claudia back for so long - finally revealing something remarkable about himself that he had been keeping hidden deep beneath his surface. Sven suddenly went into action, tied Claudia's wrists and quickly pulled a black sack over her head. He then stood her up and opened the thick sauna bag she was in before tying her up and teasingly playing with her breasts and crotch. While Claudia was hanging helplessly in the shackles that Sven had put around both her arms, she felt how he spread both legs at once and fixed them firmly to a spreader bar in between.

A moment later there was silence, only broken when Sven reappeared and announced that it was time to undress, but since "teasting" would quickly take your breath away if you did - no games this round! She knew his words weren't voluntary, but she felt drained from everything she had experienced so far; a weary nod without delay seemed Claudia's best option. Claudia bowed to Sven's demands and allowed him to take her gas mask and latex suit. Exhausted from the confining clothing, he unchallenged without protest, and Claudia felt free for a moment before feeling dejected again as his remote activated another set of restraints, tying her up again. Defiantly, she gave him an ultimatum: "And if I scream?" His unflinching reply, calm yet powerful, was enough to silence any further rebellion: "Try it!"

This warning was followed by an unexpected act of endearment - playfully pinching Claudia's butt - which in return elicited laughter instead of terror. With a final giggle from both parties, their captor sealed everything but muffled screams with gas masks and gags. With her head bowed, Claudia bowed to Sven's cruel compulsion. Again he had pulled the oppressive black sack over her head and attached a breathing hose to hold her in place while he covered her body with heavy rubber - an all too effective trap that left no room for foolish dreams or attempts to escape. Inescapably caught in his mighty grip, she seemed unable to do anything but struggle through one arm or leg at a time until freedom knocked on the prison walls again... couldn't she? Despite her efforts to fight back, Claudia felt a lingering tingle as Sven tenderly stroked the contours of her rubberized body. As he tugged at her cap with both hands, effortlessly lifting it up, she had resigned herself to the fact that once again she couldn't tease him or vent her fiery temper. Now that his hands were free and making their way down her chest and stomach in an intimate exploration that evoked sensations beyond mere physical comfort—just like when their journey began—all questions were about why forgotten for those awkward movements.

Claudia was amazed when Sven suddenly took off her gas mask, removed the gag and ordered her to pee. Unsure of what to expect next, Claudia was relieved to realize she wasn't going to get him dirty, just herself. With an unhappy expression on his face, he handed her a bag for protection before dumping the contents without further explanation. Surprisingly, despite her initial nervousness, this new ordeal went much smoother than expected, as the small tube inside hardly mattered and didn't complicate matters. With a newfound anger, Claudia hated Sven and wanted to shoot him to the moon with an express ticket. But it turned out that her anger gave way to slight affection shortly after he said the life-changing words: "You have a place now! That simple phrase gave their relationship a new direction, as his examination of her abdomen seemed like an affirmation from above As if directed by fate, Sven pulled the sack from Claudia's head, knowing full well that she always had to be on guard in order not to suffer unimaginable consequences - exactly what those consequences were was left unsaid.Amazed, Claudia watched Sven remove the mysterious Unpacking the contents of his packages, revealing thick metal poles that looked like parts of tents and an oversized rubber bag. Suddenly it dawned on her: He had bought a vacuum bed! They had talked about it before, but that he would actually do it with that Not counting her - the excitement shot through her veins at the thought!

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Then something unexpected happened: Since only Claudia's head was visible because she was lying on the floor, Sven gave her a surprising blow in the abdomen - making sure that nobody but herself could see what he was doing. In that moment she realized how intimate this moment really was. It seemed as if they were connected by invisible threads that now held them together in their new shared space. Claudia nodded knowingly to Sven, thereby confirming her understanding of his unique project. He had created a huge 2.10 x 1.20 meter vacuum bed with two custom made rubber skins - one with a gas mask and condom for pleasurable activities, the other with an extra zipper on the side! In order for Claudia to have something to do while Sven uses her, he suggests attaching bicycle spokes to the gas mask to keep him entertained during the long confinement. And then he confidently announced, "I'm going to try this bed now!" With a determined expression, Sven assembled the announced device and connected it to his remote control. Then he undressed - except for one eye. A two-piece latex catsuit plus a condom and a mask that covered almost everything but the mouth and eyes - before tossing her in the corner out of Claudia's sight. Never paying attention to details, it struck her how messy men could be, even when they dressed so extravagantly. And yet she couldn't help feeling that there was something oddly arousing about her partner, now dressed so neatly.

Claudia found the contortions that Sven made when closing the zipper funny. But when she got an unexpected smack on the butt for touching a ring with her hand, it wasn't funny at all. After he had finally dressed in latex and walked towards Claudia, his gentle embrace released the tension in her; three intense thrusts followed, leaving no room for words or breathing - only immense emotions were felt at that moment, full of love and banter on both sides. Sven had condemned himself to uncertainty and hopelessness when he reached for the timer that Claudia was using to hold himself captive. Confined to a vacuum bed, face in a gas mask, Sven tried in vain to escape. Seeing how desperate her situation looked from Sven's point of view only strengthened Claudia even more, because in her heart she thought: "I bet you wish I were free now! Enjoying the newfound power over him to the fullest, she withdrew back slowly, contemplating whether to pet or bite him, what would happen, only time would tell.

Claudia felt a blow to her abdomen, but she was prepared for it. Knowing the inevitable pain, Claudia let herself fall and waited for Leg Sven's imminent arrival. As time passed and sleep took possession of her exhausted body, Claudia suddenly woke up again, feeling cold - she no longer wore the gas mask and lay in bed as before, but looked into the worried eyes of an anxious, but still worried Sven, who gently stroked her cheeks with his outstretched hands after he had just woken her up gently. Realizing that this was all part of the game between her and him, for which he had asked her to undress beforehand, another wave rose up in her: should she fight back... or continue to acquiesce? Ultimately, it didn't matter as she replied "on purpose" and calmed herself with it, which only served to reinforce regret at the confirmation that immediately followed the words she'd uttered on the exhale as she said " ... then I can continue" asked for approval. After Claudia freed herself from the shackles of the spreader bar and the rubber suit, she was confronted with an unexpected instruction from Sven. He told her to stand still and close her eyes or face disciplinary action - something Claudia was determined to avoid at all costs. As if programmed like a puppet, she followed his commands to speed up the process; she was content to be 'his' rubber slave for the day before retiring to her vacuum bed sleep.

Sven wrapped Claudia in a pitch-black, tightly sealed rubber bag. She lay stretched out, terrified and uncertain of her fate, as Sven slipped an air hose through the tiny gap between the zipper teeth. When he uttered the ominous words "Are you lying well?" spoke, Claudia was enveloped in darkness and could only see a faint glimmer in her latex prison; she felt smaller than ever - almost nonexistent. Claudia felt a heavy pressure on her body as if she were lying under an elephant. Despite the fear that swept over her in waves, all Claudia could do was tense and then relax, allowing minimal movement. The rubber seemed to flow relentlessly against her stomach all night, until it finally reached its destination - leaving Claudia no room but a suffocating vacuum bed of emptiness. After the hose was pulled off and Claudia was able to breathe freely again, Sven's words made her feel tense. He wanted to enjoy every moment with her uninterrupted, but he warned her that she had to be kind to him or she would be punished for it - an idea that was both seductive and frightening at the same time. Eventually, anticipation gave way to pleasure as he opened his world to her. Her passionate French kiss sent a wave of happiness through her body before sleep finally relieved her of the secret pleasure they had found together.

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