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Latex Geschichte - Heißes Date mit einem Unbekannten

Latex Story - Hot date with a stranger

I had been sitting on the train for over an hour. Just a few more minutes and I should finally arrive.
It was really crazy what I was doing here. Janick was his name and we only knew each other via the internet. Sure, we wrote to each other almost every day and learned a lot about each other. But as we all know, things often look different in a real meeting.

I wasn't sure whether he was taking this as seriously as I was. Nevertheless, I was very excited to finally meet this man.

I only had a small amount of luggage with me. Just a small bag with a few specific things to change into and my toiletry bag. I didn't know exactly what the meeting would be like. It was just clear that we really wanted to meet up to talk about our secret passion, latex and fetishes. What else would happen was anyone's guess. I was prepared for almost anything.

The journey into the unknown begins

Well, it was almost time. I picked up my bag and got up to prettify myself in front of the mirror in the train toilet. Yes, I looked pretty sexy in my knee-length dress, leather jacket and heeled rubber boots. Quite satisfied, I went to the exit with my heart pounding.

Just in time, because the train was already slowly pulling into the station. We had arranged to meet directly on the platform. Was he already waiting? I didn't have good cell phone reception at the time, so I couldn't ask him.

I was near the front of the train and tried to spot Janick on the platform. None!
I got out and looked around. Where was he? Had he gotten cold feet and not come here in the first place? My heart beat faster. I was a bit disappointed and was just wondering what I should do now when suddenly my eyes were closed from behind.

Janick’s disarming smile

"Hello, beautiful woman. Glad you're here!"

He was it! I recognized him immediately by his reassuringly deep voice. His aftershave hung heavy in the air and his hands were warm and soft.

I slowly turned around and looked him straight in the eyes. They were brown like mine, but really lit up at me. There were small wrinkles around his eyes that revealed his age but also his sense of humor. A light beard and a beautiful smiling mouth completed the picture perfectly. He was quite a bit taller than me, which I really liked. He just looked extremely attractive.

"Hello Janick. I've finally arrived. Have you been waiting here for a long time? I haven't seen you at all," I said. "I was standing at the front behind a pillar. I wanted to see you get off the train and then just surprise you, Tina." He smiled at me again. With a smile that disarmed me. “Shall we look at the city now?” asked he. "Sure, that's why I'm here," I joked. He briefly held me back by the arm. "Just because?" His gaze pierced me, making my knees weak. "Not only..."

Carefree stroll through the city

He naturally held out his hand to me, took mine and we walked hand in hand towards the city. Only now did I really take a look at his outfit. He was wearing black matt latex pants. Combined with a cotton shirt that was slightly open and black leather shoes. He was dressed absolutely perfectly.

So we strolled towards the city center and looked at the old buildings and the market square. We found our way around the unfamiliar situation absolutely well. The city was really beautiful, the sun was shining and it wasn't too warm. This made it really pleasant to just stroll through the city. We talked the whole time and laughed a lot.

I kept secretly looking at him from the side. I really liked this man. His whole demeanor, his clothes and what he revealed about himself was simply stunning. I would have loved to spend the whole day and night with him, but that wasn't the plan.

The short black latex gloves

We decided to sit on the terrace of a small café to rest for a while. The place we chose was quite away from the hustle and bustle. We sat down behind some vines that prevented us from being overlooked by too curious glances.
I ordered a red wine and a still water, he a cold beer. The waiter quickly brought us the drinks and then we had some peace and quiet.

In the middle of the conversation, Janick suddenly rummaged around in his bag. "Are you looking for something?" "I already found it," he said with a mischievous grin. What was that? Did I see correctly? Yes, he had actually taken short black latex gloves out of his bag. My stomach started to tingle. What would he do now? I already saw it.

He put them on. And this is in a café!

My mouth went dry. I quickly took a sip of wine. Before I could say or ask anything, he looked deep into my eyes again. Then he pulled my chair a little closer to his. Under his gaze I melted like butter in the sun. "You said you love latex. I want to know exactly how much!" He touched my boots with his rubber fingers. Stroked her extensively.

I could clearly hear the exciting sound of rubber on rubber. How I loved it...

Then his rubber fingers began to roam over the bare skin above.

In a whisper I asked, "What are you doing to me?" I bit my bottom lip and watched his hand disappear under my dress. I quickly put my jacket over my lap. I was too afraid that someone would see what he was doing.

He caressed the inside of my thighs. I could not think clearly. I felt a shiver and a desire to experience much more with him. My breathing became faster as I felt it where the pleasure was clearly noticeable.

He massaged me there for a moment and I enjoyed it. I almost forgot where we were.

I was on cloud nine when he suddenly pulled away.

A cozy room with a large bed

He took his wallet and put the money for the drinks on the table.

"Are you coming with me? I would like to show you something very special." He smiled at me again in that very special way. "Yes, I'd be happy to come with you." I also replied with a smile.

We didn't go very far. Hand in hand again to a small hotel where he had taken a room. My pulse was almost out of control. We took the elevator up to his room number 639. He opened the door. It was a large comfortable room with a large bed. I first took off my boots. My feet were really warm and really sweaty.

"Let's get a little more comfortable and change clothes." He opened his bag and pulled out a bottle of wine, ropes and a latex mask. He opened the wine and placed it on the nightstand with two glasses. He placed the ropes on the bed without words and with a mischievous grin.

He briefly disappeared into the bathroom and came back changed really quickly. Janick was covered from head to toe in black latex. He wore black latex toe socks, black matt latex pants, a latex mask, a latex shirt and short latex gloves. I wondered if he had been wearing that the whole time. I was deep in thought trying to find an answer when he said to me: "Come on, change your clothes too. Show me what you love so much!"

He stood behind me and massaged my neck. He then unzipped my dress so that it fell to the floor. I stood in front of him in just my underwear. He briefly pressed himself against me from behind. He was excited too, I could feel it.

Janick opened my bag and gave me my latex clothing. How did he know what I had brought with me? It actually didn't matter at all.
Without words, I slipped into my tight-fitting latex catsuit. It accentuated every curve on my body.

I looked at him. He had laid down on the bed and was looking at me closely. I put on my short latex gloves and stood there a bit awkwardly. "What now?"
“Put your rubber boots back on!” I did it.

We gave ourselves to each other completely in latex

I slowly walked towards him and climbed into bed with him. I just forgot everything around me. The desire to touch him was so great. I just snuggled close to him. We kissed passionately and touched each other everywhere. Latex on latex, pure pleasure and beating hearts...

It went on like this for a while until he sat on me. He gently but firmly took my wrists and guided them over my head. He kissed me as he did so. I trembled with pleasure and closed my eyes.

Before I could even defend myself, he tied me to the bed with the ropes. But did I even want to defend myself? No, I just wanted to surrender and enjoy the next few hours. I trusted him.

I blurted out in an excited voice, "I'm all yours! And I want you! Now!"

He smiled and blindfolded me with a latex scarf. "Yes, and you'll love it, my pretty one. Let yourself go!"
When he began to touch me intensively, I gave myself completely to him and experienced very hot and wonderful hours with him in latex.

The wine and cuddling afterwards rounded off the day perfectly.

This definitely wasn't the last date with this man...

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