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Latex story - My first time in latex

Latex Story - My first time in latex

My first time latex

It was autumn. I was on vacation in Italy and it had been raining for days. I had expected more sun, so I adjusted my clothes accordingly, but instead of sun, I only got rain. Everything was flooded in the streets of Venice. I actually really like rain, but it was just cold and wet.
How could I be so stupid as not to bring the right clothes?!
My leather shoes were soaked through and my feet were cold and wet. Many a foot fetishist would probably have been happy to spoil my feet. But I was just annoyed.

As I strolled through the streets of Venice, I saw more and more women and men wearing beautiful rubber boots. They looked really fashionable and they were also extremely practical, especially in such a weather.
Wellington boots had never crossed my mind as chic. Let alone as a fashion accessory. For me, rubber boots were always something for children who romp through the mud, uncomfortable and you quickly had cheesy sweaty feet in them. But something told me when I saw these rubber boots that I could definitely use some of them too.

Said and done! When I was back home in Germany, I first found out what great rubber boots there are. My choice fell on a well-known brand in dark blue and shiny.
A week later they were here and fit like a glove. Suddenly I liked the feeling of wearing rubber boots. That shine was just great! But somehow my outfit wasn't quite complete yet. Something was missing...
I looked at other rubber clothes and outfits on the internet. Quite quickly I chose leggings and a pair of black latex gloves. I already knew vinyl leggings and loved wearing them, so I decided to order the latex things as soon as possible.
The difference couldn't be that big, I thought. But I should be taught better...

What is so different about wearing latex clothing?

The small but subtle difference. But latex is completely different...
When I was able to unpack them a few days later, the first thing I noticed was the sweet smell of latex. I inhaled it deeply and I liked it.
Somehow I was really looking forward to trying on the new things. I took them out of the package and slowly ran my fingers over the soft smooth rubber. It felt so good. I had read before that you would need silicone oil to tighten. I ordered that straight away.
So I undressed and rubbed my legs with the oil. I slowly slipped into the new leggings and pushed them up a little bit by bit. The latex glided over my oily skin and nestled tightly against my body.
She was skintight and emphasized every curve. wow, i just thought...
My hands were still oily enough that I quickly slipped into the gloves. They were snug on my fingers and I looked at my black rubber fingers.
I thought about what to do with it...

I took some more of the oil and rubbed it on my legs and bottom. It felt indescribably good! Added to this was this unique shine. I gladly put on my new rubber boots and enjoyed my sexy latex outfit to the fullest.
I felt myself starting to sweat under my latex leggings. The smell of the latex mingled with the fresh sweat and silicone oil. I enjoyed feeling myself in it and touching myself. Again and again I gently stroked this smoothness with my rubber fingers and felt great. I enjoyed it so much that I got completely lost in it and totally forgot about the time. It was just indescribable.

This feeling and this moment should be repeated for me often. It had been too beautiful.
The leggings and gloves were my first latex pieces, but they wouldn't be the last.
Latex makes you happy and quite addictive. I realized that quickly...

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