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Latex Geschichte: Hallenbadbesuch mit einem Latex Body

Latex history: indoor pool visit with a latex body

Red latex body punishment of a sub in the indoor pool

Damn, she was excited! For the fourth time, Lydia turned in front of the narrow mirror in the indoor pool dressing room to take a good look at her appearance. Admittedly, her figure wasn't perfect, her butt was too plump and her legs too short. Her breasts could also be fuller to her liking, not just a B cup. But that wasn't what drove Lydia to remain uncertain in the narrow cell.

With her long, blond mane, she was an eye-catcher even without model dimensions, which caught many a man. No, she was impressive. If only she hadn't allowed herself to behave inappropriately towards her sir! She knew too well about the rules of conduct that were imposed on her as a sub.

Lydia was a lady through and through, her submissive nature deeply rooted in her. What she couldn't put into words at first developed over the years into a sexual variety that mainly took place on a mental level: BDSM. The symbiosis of power and submission, of humiliation and devotion. Hardly any other part of her life gave her this energy, hardly any other facet of her being such vitality. If Lydia could live the sub inside her, she was deeply happy.

Her counterpart was her beloved Sir, the dominant part of their submissive relationship. Michael was good to her. She found his charm, his educated and stylish demeanor and his excellent sense of humor particularly appealing. He was also solid and had both feet on the ground. He never acted unfairly or selfishly. His decisions and actions were characterized by self-reflection and a sense of justice. Lydia should have known what to expect when she cheekily teased him and deliberately disobeyed one of his instructions.

Dom Sub Latex BDSM and Fetish Clothing

She was playing with fire when she verbally challenged him. Sometimes she could be a real bitch. But Michael knew how to parry. He gave her a task of humble repentance and food for thought regarding her inappropriate behavior. Gradually Lydia broke out in a sweat. A small trickle ran down her spine before it dried up between her buttocks. The cuddly latex fabric was not a suitable bathing suit. Normally.

But not in the predicament Lydia found herself in. There was always a choice, objectively speaking. BDSM was not subject to compulsion and only mutual agreements. Lydia was able to grab her pink swim bag and go. Nobody stopped her. If she were cunning, she could tell her esteemed sir that she had performed the task assigned to her impeccably. Linked to a made-up story, skilfully embellished, Michael would not have thought that Lydia was lying, because he trusted her.

But no, of course, this path of the easiest resistance, which was disrespectful to her sir, was not an option for Lydia. If it had been a possibility for her, if she had even thought of solving this problem for a second, she would not have been worthy of BDSM. In life, mistakes had to be admitted. She owed it to Michael and to herself not to degrade their togetherness.

Lydia really wasn't a human monster, even if she wasn't a well-behaved sub at all times. Provocation was an aphrodisiac, no question. But this time Lydia had burned her fingers, stretching the bow too much. In retrospect, she was ashamed of what she had done, of the thoughtless objections. She realized that she deserved the punishment.

The bright glow of the neon lights refracted on the oiled, softly shimmering latex that ensnared her sensuous curves. Their optical advantages came into their own in a seductively bold way. Nothing could have wrapped Lydia's beautiful woman's body more skilfully at that moment. Wouldn't she be in an indoor pool where there was a dress code. As if there wasn't enough humiliation waiting for her when she left the cabin, the sir specified a latex body in red.

"You love swimming so much, dearest. Put on a red latex bodysuit instead of a bikini and swim your laps in the pool dressed in it. Maybe nobody will notice that you are wearing fetish clothing that is illegal. But maybe not and you will be spoken to everyone. How interested all bathers would look at you then, poor you!"

His mocking undertone emphasized the sympathy that was being played. Her sir knew exactly what he was ordering her to do and would enjoy the thought of it even if he wasn't there when Lydia carried out her orders. The signal color red would draw people's eyes to it.

Kinky BDSM and SM toys in the indoor pool

Damned! Why couldn't she bite her tongue when it mattered? Why was she always the untamed tomboy who teased and challenged? Her passionate impulsiveness was the part of her personality that Lydia found difficult to embrace. Why Michael fell in love with her and chose her as his sub was a mystery to her to this day. Was she really lovable?

Just then, a creaking sound broke through the thoughts that had become heavier. Someone rushed straight to the locker and began to undress. Ok, she would still wait for the bather, then she would have to face the task, for better or for worse, leave her cabin and approach the pool in the large hall. In the hope that nobody would notice her inadequate swimwear, she would complain indignantly to the lifeguards and demand that she be banned from the house. Her cheeks were already burning intensely with blush.

When Lydia reached for the bathing bag to distract herself with the mobile phone until it was quieter in front of the lockers, it slipped from her fingers and unmistakably clicked on the tiled floor. Outside the cabin, things came to a standstill. Lydia's heart stopped in shock. She listened to what was happening outside her dressing room door. A surprised sound reached her, then someone bent down and asked in a friendly voice who the smartphone belonged to.

A cute sub in latex fetish clothes meets a lesbian dominatrix in public

Damn! Lydia didn't want to risk having it left at the till if she didn't respond. Taking a deep breath, she summoned up all her courage, pulled the lever on the door and stepped out into the aisle. Surely the screaming would start and the attractive looking lady standing in front of her, who was about 10 years her junior, would run to the guards.

But nothing like that happened. Astonished by the sudden silence, Lydia looked up and met a pair of brown eyes studying her with interest. The pretty woman's gaze slid openly over her red latex body, which lay tightly around the curves and shaped and revealed at the same time.

Lydia was overwhelmed with the unexpected situation. As she started to return to the dressing room, she grabbed the young brunette's arm and gave her an encouraging smile. Tenderly, her thumb stroked Lydia's forearm. In a pleasantly soft voice she whispered: "Wow, I admire your courage. Latex is hot!" While Lydia still looked incredulous, the cell phone was handed to her with a grin. "I'm Hannah. I'm sure I won't tell anyone that this isn't actually a bathing suit you're wearing to swim."

Hannah leaned forward, gave Lydia a quick kiss on the cheek and walked past her towards the showers with a wink. Her perfume smelled heavenly, Lydia thought as she thoughtfully put her clothes and shoes in the locker and locked them. Meeting Hannah had strengthened her, but also miraculously thrown her off track.

Their kiss seemed to linger as Lydia turned absent-mindedly. Forgetting that she was completely wrapped in latex, she fiddled with the locker's wrist strap to attach it to her wrist. Then she collided with a man who came around the corner so suddenly that Lydia could no longer avoid it. Green, haunting eyes looked straight at her. Damned! She had bumped into one of the lifeguards!

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