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Latex Geschichte - Catwomans heiße Abenteuer

Latex Story - Catwoman's Hot Adventures

Catwoman's hot adventures

New job, new boyfriend and lots of luck. Plus an invitation to a party this weekend. It couldn't have gone any better for me at the moment.
My new boyfriend Mike was planning to take me to a friends party over the weekend. At the first party together, I wanted to shine with a new outfit. But what should I wear? As a woman, I've always had, quite clichéd, a large closet full of "nothing to wear". I still had two days to get a new outfit. But the question was what and where?
Mike wasn't my friend for too long. That's why I couldn't even judge exactly what his friends were like. At some point in the past few days, he had told me with a laugh that his friends were quite nice, but quite different from many other people. Of course, that didn't say much. But in a few pictures I saw on his fridge, I could see people laughing and looking nice, just having fun. That was okay. Please no snobs or any conceited stupid people. But what should I buy now?

The search for a new outfit

I decided to drive into town to have a look around. Good idea, I thought, I walked around town for hours and just couldn't find anything suitable. Most of it just seemed inappropriate or way too overdressed to me. A middle ground between sexy and casual would be good, but I just couldn't find it. Completely annoyed and totally disappointed, I got on the next train and went home.
When I finally got to the top of my front door, there was a small package in front of my door. I hadn't ordered anything, so I was very surprised. I took it to my apartment and looked at the sender. It was from my friend Mike. I opened the package and found a small letter inside. It read: "Hello love. This gift is for you. You need it for the party at the weekend. Looking forward to it. Love you. :-* Mike"

A special kind of surprise

Excited and a little excited, I carefully opened the paper in which something was wrapped. What then emerged surprised me greatly. It wasn't a small gift like candy or flowers, but something to wear. I took it out of the package and quickly realized what he had bought me. It was a rubber catsuit! Actually a kind of black Catwoman suit made out of latex. There was a matching mask, a pair of short latex gloves, a small jar of talcum powder and a bottle of silicone oil.
I was totally surprised. Shouldn't it be a normal party, but a costume party or maybe a fetish party? I did not know it. But I was curious about it. Now even more than before...
Mike and I had recently talked about our ideas and preferences. I honestly told him that I like latex. His reaction to that was just great, because he was also quite enthusiastic about it. What a jackpot. We hadn't seen each other in it together, though, which made things even more interesting.

Miaowwww ... Catwoman can pack up ...

I had to try on the latex suit first. Thank God I knew how to put on a suit like that. I powdered the inside of the suit lightly and slipped it on. I slowly rolled and pushed the latex upwards, because I had read in a rubber fashion fetish blog: "Don't pull and tear at it, but push and roll." ... not that something breaks the first time you put it on. Did he buy the right size? I was excited. I slowly pulled the catsuit up and slipped my arms into it. I slowly closed the front zipper and turned back and forth in front of the mirror. It looked really extremely hot and it fit me like a glove. I took my black patent leather boots with the high heels from the shoe rack and put them on. Then I put on the mask. The latex mask had little cat ears and only covered half of my face. Finally, I slipped into the short latex gloves, which fit like a glove. What an outfit! I looked like Catwoman and I thought I was pretty sexy.
The outfit was still a bit dull, but for the party I would use the oil to make it shine.

The party can come

The weekend came faster than expected. I was really looking forward to the party, even if the thought of it made me a little nervous. I had arranged to meet Mike at 7:00 p.m. He wanted to pick me up so we could go to the party together and asked me to get a present. I had bought a really good bottle of wine as a gift and was already dressed. I was feeling pretty sexy right now. It could start.
It rang at my apartment door. When I opened the door, Mike was standing in front of me. When I saw him, it almost took my breath away. He was also wearing a shiny black outfit. He was wearing pants that were cut like skinny jeans but were made of latex. For the top he wore a shirt, also made of black rubber. He looked stunning!
"Hello, my little cat. You look stunning!" He kissed me passionately. "You too," I said, laughing. "Will you tell me what kind of party it is? These things promise a lot!" I looked deep into his eyes and eagerly awaited his reaction. "Let yourself be surprised my sweet! You will definitely like it. Are you ready? Then we can start." Okay, so it was a surprise.
I grabbed my coat from the cloakroom and soon drove off with Mike. Somehow I was quite nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Still, I was very curious.

But no fetish party?!?

After a few minutes drive, we came to a fairly rural area with a single small house. We were there. There were already a few cars in the parking lot in front of the house. I linked my arm with Mike, we walked to the door and he rang the bell. My heart was beating faster and faster. I held the wine in my hand and waited anxiously to see who was about to open us. It was the "birthday child", a young woman in her thirties. Dark-haired, not very slim and discreetly made up. There was a smile on her lips when she saw us. She also wore a black catsuit. However, she did not wear a mask.
"Hi Mike. It's nice that you're here. You're Tamara, right? I'm so bad at remembering names. But Mike has already told you about you. I'm Mira. Come on, everyone's already here. We're partying downstairs!" Without waiting for our answers, she went ahead and we followed her.
We came into a small vaulted cellar. It smelled like vanilla and quite sweet. You could hear the music and laughter. In a small adjoining room were drinks and a small buffet. "Here you can get something to fortify yourself or get something to drink," said Mira. Then it was on to the music. There were quite a few different people in a large room. The ages were very mixed, but they all had something in common. Everyone wore something made of latex. There were a few adult toys hanging on the walls of the room, but it still didn't feel cheap. It has a more sensuous feel to it and went well with the mood the room conveyed with these guests.
Mira introduced us to a few more people Mike didn't know. Then an evening full of good conversations about fetish, latex and God and the world began. We danced a lot and enjoyed the wine and the delicious food.
I was already a little tipsy when a woman approached me. She was pretty, I had to admit that to myself. She came very close to me and whispered something in my ear. The music was quite loud but I could hear it. She asked me to come with her. What did she want from me? Without further ado, she took my hand and pulled me with her. I tried to give Mike a hint that I would be gone for a moment, but he was deep in conversation. He only looked at me briefly, saw it and nodded at me with a smile.
The pretty stranger
The young woman who pulled me with her wore a knee-length, wine-red latex dress and matching short latex gloves. It looked stunning on her. We left the room and went into a small room. She switched on the light. "I wanted to be alone with you for a moment," she said, smiling. I look around. The walls were covered with velvet and there was only one bed in it. Not more. "What do you want here with me?" I asked that with a little dizziness from the wine. "I'm Sarah. Your name is Tamara, right? Sit down with me."
She sat down on the bed and patted beside her. I sat down with her. "So what is it about?" "I think you're beautiful in your Catwoman outfit. Did Mike give it to you? Looks great. May I touch it?" "Sure," I said cockily. I had no idea what was to come next.

HICKS... Is this really happening or am I dreaming?

Was this all really happening or was the wine playing tricks on me? She stroked the latex with her latex fingers. First over my arm, then she looked me straight in the eyes and wandered on. She stroked the rubber on my chest. I winced. What was she doing? "Psst, you'll like it," she whispered. She took my hand and placed it on her chest as she continued. "Touch me too! Let's enjoy..." I did. I started to like it.
I had never touched a woman in latex before. That was really hot. We caressed each other and both enjoyed it. She touched my face with her latex fingers and kissed me. Her tongue was just playing with mine when I felt her unzip my latex catsuit. Oh man...
That was the point where we both let ourselves go and just enjoyed each other's touch. The fetish party had just become an absolute minor matter. Rarely has a man driven me insane like this. Touching the rubber and feeling her warmth underneath was beyond arousing.

We forgot the time and only realized what time had passed when there was a knock on the door. I quickly zipped it up. "Yes, please?!" It was Mike, standing in front of the door with a glass of water in his hand. A little embarrassed and red-cheeked, I got up and walked over to him. "I thought you could use something to drink!" He looked at me with a grin.
He didn't seem surprised or upset by what had happened here. "I said you'd enjoy this party my sweet kitten! But for the rest of the night you're mine again." I smiled at him and snuggled up to him. "Sure. Let's go dancing," I said. I turned around again briefly. "Thank you, Sarah. It was great with you." "Yeah, I thought so too, Catwoman!" When she said that she smiled at me mischievously and winked at me. Mike and I went back to the party. Sarah stayed behind and I heard her chuckle softly.

The party and the night weren't over yet. In this sexy outfit, a lot would definitely happen that night at home...

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