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Latex Geschichte: Das erste Mal anal

Latex Story: First time anal

Anal plug used by Anna and Leon

Anna and Leon were secretly in love when they were at school. But as is often the case, life got in the way and they went their separate ways. Anna and Leon had been in the same class for years, but had never really spoken to each other until this party. It turned out that they had a lot in common, including a secret love for each other.

Now they met again by chance at a reunion party. They chatted about old times and soon confessed what they had been hiding all these years. Anna admitted that she liked latex clothes and enjoyed anal sex very much - but she had never done it before. Leon smiled, kissed her tenderly and then took her hand to lead her away from the noise of the party to a private room.

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There he gently stroked Anna's bottom with his hand while licking her rose***. It wasn't long before Anna was moaning with pleasure and begging him to deflower her anally on the spot. So Leon did it - he shoved his hard cock** deep into Anna's tight little hole until she cried out in ecstasy. They went at it until they both came harder than ever before and then collapsed in blissful exhaustion. From that day on, Anna and Leon were inseparable.... Both were finally satisfied, knowing that they could now safely explore their hidden desires within the confines of their loving relationship.
As they got closer, Anna confessed her dirty secret - she loved latex and anal sex. Leon smiled and kissed her tenderly. He stroked her buttocks and slipped a finger into her tight hole. Leon also licked Anna's rose***, which made Anna go wild with lust.

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They slept together a lot and it was even better than they had ever imagined. Anna eventually showed Leon her latex fetish and he loved it as much as she did. They spent time exploring each other's bodies and desires and eventually their love for each other grew stronger. Leon and Anna were both very serious about their relationship. They had got to know each other incredibly well and knew they wanted to be together forever.

To celebrate their love, they decided to go on a short holiday together. Anna had secretly bought some anal toys and was looking forward to surprising Leon with them. When the exciting moment arrived and Leon saw the toys, he couldn't believe his eyes. His jaw dropped as he stared at the anal plug and the anal dildo. Anna smiled devilishly as she explained what she was going to do with the anal sex toys.

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Leon was worried at first, but Anna assured him that she loved him and would never do anything to hurt him. He trusted her and agreed to try the anal toys. They both took their time exploring each other's bodies with the new toys. They both loved the feeling of being penetrated anally and couldn't get enough of it. The pleasure was intense and overwhelming and they quickly became addicted. And to each other.

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