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Latex Geschichte - Die roten Latex Zehen Socken

Latex Story - The red latex toe socks

The red latex toe socks

It was a beautiful spring day. The sun has been shining all day and warmed my back comfortably while I was weeding the garden. A gentle breeze blew a floral scent into my nostrils and made all my senses dance.
"What a beautiful time of year spring is," I thought to myself while doing the strenuous activity. My back hurt a little, I was no longer in the exercise. I sat up and let my eyes wander over the garden landscape. I was filled with pride at the sight of this opulent splendor that would soon be in full bloom. My gaze slid to my hands, which were covered in coarse gardening gloves. They were made of rubber and had nubs on the palms. Earlier when I unpacked them freshly since they were new, I realized I kind of liked the smell of the rubber. I would almost say that this smell stimulated me. My cheeks flushed, this embarrassed me a little, after all gardening gloves were commodities and certainly shouldn't be used for arousal, right?
I had noticed this pleasant feeling before. Washing windows the other day, wearing the elbow-length red rubber gloves to protect against the detergent. This rather solid material, the intense smell... It was all a bit confusing and at the same time incredibly exciting, as if a new world was opening up in front of you, but one you didn't quite dare to enter.

The sweaty feet

Well, the worst was done. Two bucketfuls of weeds had been removed, the ground hoed up, the earth loosened. The spring sun was already warmer than first thought. A light film of sweat formed on my forehead and between my breasts. They were a good handful tall, but sweat always pooled between the breasts. I was also sweating quickly on my feet. That was actually a bit uncomfortable for me, because the foot odor that arose embarrassed me a little.
I went back to the terrace, sat down for a bit and allowed myself a short break. I closed my eyes and turned my face to the sun. Actually, I wasn't a particularly pretty woman in the classic sense, there were much more attractive women than me. I hardly ever used make-up, I was a relatively natural person, but I still attached great importance to a well-groomed appearance. This included, for example, always wearing my fingernails and toenails varnished, preferably in a strong shade of red or pink. I was a little plump, my butt a little fuller, as were my thighs. I was definitely not a model type, but I liked my red-blond, long hair and my green eyes. And my freckles on my cheeks, very special.

The smell of foot, sweat and rubber

The garden shoes suddenly became tight and bothered me. So I took them off, ironically with the rubber gloves on my hands, which didn't bother me one bit even though I was sweating in them as well. When the rubber brushed against my skin, it made me feel very comfortable.
Hardly done, I smelled my own foot odor. I was just about to get up and take a shower when a warm, male voice whispered in my ear: "You've been very busy this morning, darling. Sorry I couldn't support you. The meeting went longer than expected. But now I'm taking a break and wanted to see you."
I turned my head towards the voice and met my husband's velvety brown eyes. A few of his dark curls fell wildly over his forehead, he seemed to urgently need a hairdresser's appointment again. "What an attractive man I have," I thought to myself and stroked his graying temples with a smile.
He returned my smile, grinned lewdly, and teased, "You're almost naked. Come on, let me pamper you a little.” He was already kneeling in front of me and was about to take my feet in his manly hands. "Darling, I've been sweating quite a bit while gardening. Maybe I should take a shower first..."
Surprisingly, he answered me: "No, that would be a shame, then I can no longer enjoy the fine scent of your feet." The fine scent? Did I hear that right? Unsure, I asked him, "You like it when my feet are sweaty and smell bad?"

The Fetish Confession

"I actually like it a lot. The smell and the slightly damp feeling on the skin. While we're at it, I like latex a lot too.” I looked at him with wide eyes. "Latex? This rubber stuff?”
"Yes darling, exactly that. I have had these preferences for a very long time. Sweaty, intensely smelling women's feet and supple latex that feels like a second skin. I wear latex myself, but I also like to see it on a woman. To be honest, I haven't dared to tell you this openly until now. I was afraid you would laugh at me and think I was a weirdo or a freak. And there were concerns that you would want a divorce if you knew about my secret longings.”
At first I was speechless. Uncertainty and surprise alternated emotions in me. Then, however, these rather unpleasant sensations were washed away by a feeling of deep love and warmth. My husband confided in me. My beloved and cherished husband had gathered all his courage and laid his soul at my feet. I loved him all the more for that. Looking back, I don't remember what finally triggered it, but all of a sudden I asked him: "Darling, would you please massage my feet with the gardening gloves? I've also discovered a fondness in myself: feeling rubber on my skin excites me.”
"Wait darling, I know something better than that." He left me with a mischievous grin, only to come back and kneel at my feet.

Black latex socks and red latex toe socks

“Honey, what you see here in front of you is unchlorinated rubber fashion, finest and noble latex fashion. If you allow me to put these red short latex toe socks on you? You would do me a great honor and give me a lot of joy. And who knows, you might discover other wonderful and sexy things about yourself.”
I was fascinated by the shiny material and picked it up. It was coated with a light film of oil and smelled very stimulatingly of rubber and somehow sweet. A warm wetness immediately began to expand in my crotch, causing me to open my legs unconsciously. I handed the red latex toe socks to my darling and was inwardly tense to tears, how comfortable this feeling would be to wear this material on my body.

Foot fetishism and latex love

First, my husband gently kneaded my feet, one after the other. He kept bringing them up to his nose, sniffing them and alternately sucking on his toes. The tickling feeling of his warm and wet tongue was indescribably beautiful and very pleasurable. The wetness between my legs increased, accompanied by an intense throbbing.
Then he took a bottle labeled "Silicone Oil" and sprinkled it on my feet. How relaxing and at the same time exciting the following foot massage from his strong manly hands was.
After a while he took the red short latex toe socks and gradually slipped them over both my feet. At the same time, I felt a pleasant tightness, an intensively enclosing feeling, as if one were putting on a second skin. The red latex socks had integrated toes, so that my feet slipped seamlessly into these indentations and finally filled them. How intense the feeling was...
For the first time in my life I wore latex clothes. Since latex is not a breathable material and therefore body heat cannot escape, I noticed after a short wearing time that my feet began to sweat in the red short latex toe socks.
Interestingly, I was suddenly no longer uncomfortable in any way, quite the opposite in fact. I enjoyed the warm, wet being surrounded, enjoyed the very own smell of latex and thought I could feel how this rubber fashion made me more self-confident. As if slipping on the special material would release an inner blockage and break down inhibitions and complexes.
Suddenly I felt incredibly sexy and seductive. I boldly lifted my leg and let my husband suck on my red latex toes, which he obviously enjoyed. Unbeknownst to me, he had put on black latex socks himself in the meantime and now began to clasp his member while sucking. With gentle, rhythmic movements, he guided his angular, hairy male hand up and down while he happily licked latex toe after latex toe.

Common climax with latex socks

As if by themselves, my hands found my middle and laid on my vulva. I had kept the gardening gloves on the whole time. This rough, nubbed, yellow rubber now rested between my legs and looked just wonderful there. I carefully began to massage my pearl through the jeans. I watched my husband sucking socks on my red latex toes and felt very elevated and somehow totally detached.
After just a short stimulation, a very violent orgasm came over me, which I had never had in this intensity before. The gray fabric in the middle of my jeans suddenly became damp. A dark spot was now clearly visible on it. Later I found out that I must have squirted when I had an orgasm. For the first time ever in my life. This sensual sight apparently caused my husband to cum just as hard and with moans.
After we both sat silently listening to our shared breaths for a while, he straightened up and cupped my face. He looked into my eyes with a loving smile: "Honey, you've never looked radiant from within and happier than right now."
The kiss that followed caught both of us laughing...

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