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Latex Geschichte - Mein erster Kontakt mit Latexmasken

Latex Story - My first contact with latex masks

I don't know exactly when it started, but by the age of probably 5 or 6, I realized that I was drawn to masked people and beings on TV. This charisma and this hidden facial expression behind it have literally cast a spell over me. Not sexual at that age, but this fascination with being someone else was always a very interesting idea. Unfortunately, at that time I had no more than the television to stimulate my imagination even more.

Of course, a lot happened in my head, but it took a few years before the current mental cinema came about. In the beginning I always thought that something was wrong with me because it felt like nobody was talking about such topics. I got older and at some point the Internet came along and I had my first experiences with various adult films in which people were masked and various animated 3D or drawn films in which monsters and the like appeared.

At first I wasn't sure whether I was even allowed to look at something like that, yes, the emphasis is on allowed, because at that time I simply had no experience in this area. But the urge was far too great and over time I watched more and more hentais (3D / drawn porn) because these appealed to me the most and stimulated my imagination and arousal the most. Simple porn rarely interested me, only the ones that featured masked men got me wet.

Porn with masked men

On a late autumn summer day, I decided to turn my fantasy into reality. So I rummaged around the internet for various masks and took a closer look at them. In retrospect, that was the day my journey into the hitherto unknown was to begin. What I was to experience completely exceeded my wildest imagination. It was like tasting chocolate for the first time or opening a door to a new world. And there it was, a black latex mask. I was blown away, couldn't wait to finally feel that feeling on my skin.

It was just a mouse click away, do I order it now or not? *click* I did it, the latex mask was ordered and now I had to wait until the good piece finally arrived. The days passed at a snail's pace and my patience was tested to the breaking point. The long-awaited day finally came and the postman brought me a fine package. I finally had the package, it would not have been possible to try it out for the time being because I had to earn my living. Exactly on this day, of course, I was not free and the test of patience continued. When I finally got home, I was able to test my new acquisition.

The smell of the latex mask

The mask is very soft, the smell takes a little getting used to at first, but I quickly got used to it and learned to love it. The feel of the mask on my hands was amazing, so how is it when I wear it? I carefully pulled the mask over my head, of course I didn't want to damage it, which is why it took a little longer to put it on. Then there was my long hair, which didn't make the whole thing particularly easy. You can't be too squeamish if you have long hair and want to wear latex. Lo and behold, I finally did it and closed the zipper at the back of my head.

Now my head was completely covered in latex, my hair was hanging out at the back, but that didn't bother me. I started stroking my head and then slowly moved to my face. My hands glided very gently over my face and I noticed that my crotch was gradually getting wet. So this is what it feels like to be in a latex mask. It's a wonderful feeling, not just wonderful, but incredibly exciting. I'm not quite sure, but I don't think I've ever gotten wet so quickly. Otherwise it was always necessary to lend out of hand. And now I had discovered something completely new! Madness, just madness.

My hands now slid from my face down to my breasts, which I massaged very lovingly and tenderly. I just couldn't resist a low groan. I continued to massage my breasts, but quickly realized that I wanted a lot more. Said and done. I laid comfortably on my bed and took off my pants so that I was only wearing my panties. I felt how soaking wet I was, now carefully slipped over the panties and felt the wetness on them.

My hands automatically caressed my intimate area and I trembled more and more with pleasure. Well, I really couldn't do anything else and had to use a dildo to help, I wanted to feel something inside me. So I quickly took off my panties, lay back on the bed and opened my legs. The dildo slid into my wet hole as if by itself and I got it faster and harder. My other hand stroked my clit faster and harder until I couldn't take it anymore and exploded with a very loud moan.

Multiple orgasms thanks to the latex mask

After the ecstasy I was a bit exhausted because I didn't expect to cum so well and intensely. That was incredibly cool and exciting. From now on I don't want to have to do without a latex mask anymore, it's like a drug for me. My latex passion developed from this experience, but the latex mask is the key element that takes me to a new level of pleasure.

Curious, I wanted to learn more about other latex clothing and so I started looking for more. What would I discover? Was this just the beginning? Spoiled for choice, should I continue small, such as with gloves and socks, or should I dare to do something bigger like a catsuit or a dress?

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