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Crossdresser Kurzgeschichte: DWT - Mann in Damenunterwäsche beim Sex

Crossdresser short story: Crossdresser - Man in lingerie having sex

A crossdresser short story: Fetish DWT - The man in women's underwear

Men really like to see women in sexy lingerie. But I got to know this fetish relatively early on, that men also want to wear women's sexy underwear or women's clothes in general. To this day I have come across this many times. In this fetish, men are excited by putting on women's clothing, presenting themselves with them, or feeling the feeling of the sensual materials on their skin.

Unfortunately, this fetish is associated with a lot of shame for those affected. Often the majority of men only live out this fetish when they are older, when they can find the courage to do so after decades. Until then, the fetish lives in secret and is kept secret.

One of my partners, with whom I was in a committed relationship, once surprised me with this wish. I had dressed up nicely and worn elegant, sexy wetlook lingerie. He was clearly enjoying the sight of me and getting excited by it. After some time he started undressing me.

When he took off the corsage, he held it in his hands a little longer and didn't put it away straight away. The sight of the delicate tip in the strong man's hands was extremely erotic. He suddenly asked: “Do you mind if I put the corsage on for a moment?” At first I was very surprised because I had never encountered this fetish before. I saw the glint in his eyes and the dark glimmer of anticipation there.

I only managed a short “Ok” and watched him, spellbound, as he carefully put the latex corsage on. Instinctively, I helped him close the eyelets on his back. Since he was stronger than me, we left a few hooks open. He beamed from ear to ear and ran his hands down his upper body. I watched his reactions with curiosity. Suddenly I asked him: “Would you like to wear my thong and hold-up stockings too?”

How do you find a fetish partner?

Sexy fetish lingerie for men

I noticed how his face lit up and he nodded gratefully at me. I stood up and stripped in front of him in erotic movements, circling my hips and bending down with my back to him so that he could get a good look at my pussy and ass from behind. I then handed him the remaining lingerie and helped him put it on. Because of his wide fingers, he had the most trouble fastening the stockings. When we finished, I encouraged him to look at himself in the mirror. Somehow a dynamic began to take its course, but that's exactly how I live my sex.

My counterpart is my “fetish object” with all its ideas and feelings. So I get involved with this person and can get excited about things that I didn't previously think were possible or that I simply didn't know about. Through courage at the right time and through experimenting, a variety of wonderful possibilities open up to you that I would miss today if I hadn't been lucky enough to get to know them through other people.

We continued se* after a while. The strangest thing for me was when he took possession of me wearing latex lingerie. It lay between my legs, so I could clearly feel the material of the lingerie against my skin. I had a swan inserted into my pussy and felt femininity at the same time. It's hard to find the right words for it, but this supposed discrepancy began to excite me more and more.

Erotic Audio: Hot Latex Passion

He didn't want to be dominated. Even though we changed clothes, we retained the previous structure. I realized that a man doesn't necessarily have to lose his masculinity or his dominance by wearing women's clothing. Certainly there are also these forms of play and countless other forms of play within this fetish of men wearing women's clothing.

It then happened that I put a bandage in his latex panties, which he kept on during sex and just pushed his swan* past it. This game had an exciting and very special appeal, and we repeated it again and again, occasionally incorporating playing with women's clothing. Finding a like-minded person of your fetish desire in your permanent partner is the most beautiful and happiest thing two people can experience together. Be sure to hold on to this unusual miracle with both hands!

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