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Crossdresser Geschichte: Feminisierung und Domina Sissy Erziehung

Crossdresser Story: Feminization and Femdom Sissy Education

Kinky dominatrix date for sissy training with the silicone crossdresser

He was unable to stop his hands from shaking. "Concentrate, otherwise Sunny will be upset." He whispered to himself as, after taking a deep breath, he applied the nail polish brush to his toenails again. Weeks before, she had given him the task of first applying pink, combined with sandals. After this test of his obedience, she chose a strong cherry red for him this evening.

Egon was in the middle of his feminization. He was a self-confessed crossdresser and wanted to become a woman, something he only realized late in life. The path to perceiving and implementing one's own needs was not an easy one. At first, Egon lived out his longing to be a woman in secret. For his fetish passion he sought out the darkness and dim niches, mostly in relevant establishments.

He was annoyed that his inclination still receives little social recognition today. Yes, included in a show program as a transvestite to entertain the bourgeois, a man in women's clothing was accepted. But these freaks shouldn't appear on the street or while shopping, or at least that's the general feeling. Egon felt hot and cold shivers running down his spine as he thought about how other people had attacked him for no reason in the past.

Only because, as a man, he wore women's clothing in public. Especially when he wore his wonderful wigs and his latex female body suit - when the female illusion seemed most effective - the aggressive reactions towards him increased. Most of the time, his fellow males showed little tolerance for his crossdressing.

Stripping away the ugly memories, Egon returned to his activity. Deep red toenails and fingernails for Sunny. The noble whore* who agreed to accompany and promote his feminization. Looking back, without her, Egon would hardly have dared to step out of his hidden existence. The driving force was the enchanting prostitute he once found through an ad. Back then, her words had given him a good feeling. A feeling that could be described as arriving.

Sunny took an unconventional approach and did not give the impression that he was just a business number that was being processed. She also didn't have an alarm clock on the bed frame that would ring when the paid time had passed. Almost after every session they drank coffee together. She often baked cakes when he visited her. Both of them undertook leisure activities where Egon could wear women's clothing and unabashedly live out his fetishism.

How liberating the trips were for him every time. Just like the erotic lessons in which he found himself and went on a deep soul journey. But the best part of all - the thing that ultimately made him trust Sunny completely - was her listening and sharing. Like a girlfriend who likes to spend time with him unselfishly.

This fact distinguished his chosen one from the other sex workers on the market who didn't make such an effort or judged him as a crossdressing weirdo. Hardly any female, not even the sex workers, could fully understand his inner fire to want to be a woman. How should a partner ever be able to do it in a relationship or marriage?

Extreme fetishes with anal sex and crossdresser breasts

Egon felt tears welling up inside him. He wanted to finally escape all the sadness that regularly overcame him. But that was a very bad moment for strong emotions such as despair and despondency to arise. It was courage that he needed for the hours that lay ahead of him. Because Egon was supposed to be penetrated anally by a man for the first time.

He was neither bisexual nor homosexual, but desired women and loved his Sunny. Especially when she rode him and he had her bra on his silicone breasts. She awakened the desire for anal sex in him. Although in previous relationships he found it pleasant when his partner stuck a finger in his butt during oral sex or a massage, up to now he couldn't think of anything more in this regard.

But his goddess suggested stretching games as part of his feminization. Whenever they celebrated a crossdresser session, Sunny gradually used larger vibrator sizes so that Egon's rose*** got used to the dilation. An exciting moment was when his mistress used a strap-on dildo to dominate him a little later.

The crossdresser grinned as he remembered the exhilarating feeling when she penetrated him without much foreplay. Of course, she also took a look at his mouth and taught him respectable oral sex. While Egon was choking and spitting out vomit, his master stuffed the thick latex penis deep into his throat again. What sounds cruel gave him the greatest joy.

Training to be a sissy with a penis cage

Damn, his mental cinema was counterproductive! The cock cage that held his magnificent erection wrapped around his shaft, pulling painfully. A tool to illustrate his devotion that Sunny had imposed on him. His pleasure was hers. The shiny piece of metal reminded him of this from the beginning of his penis captivity.

At first, the feeling of not being able to masturbate as he pleased was unusual for him. Not only positive sensations trickled through his body and mind, but also negative ones. However, after an initial adjustment, he grew to enjoy the discipline and increasingly welcomed Sunny's power over him.

Driven by the fact that he was not allowed to ejaculate and yet was sexually stimulated, he fell into a mental bondage that hardly allowed him any autonomous freedom of decision. His goddess should be happy - preferably with him and through his work. When she was in a good mood, so was he. If she was fine, he was fine. The intimate symbiosis between them grew from day to day and gave Egon support and strength for the demanding everyday life.

The wonderful thing was that his lady did not exercise her influence over him in a selfish or narcissistic way. As before feminization, when they exclusively crossdressed, she always looked out for his well-being. When his love whispered in his ear during a walk that her happiness depended on his, he was completely lost. Then he realized deep in his heart that he would lose himself in Sunny.

Crossdressers with the dominatrix

Egon was no fool. He was aware that he was one of Sunny's many customers. She was a sex worker and made money from men's attention. He secretly wished that she would lose her heart to him and quit her job. Move in with him and start a family. Even if his mistress wanted to continue being a whore - which brought her joy and she treated her suitors lovingly and sincerely - he would have taken her in and offered her a comfortable home.

He was an educated man who held an academic degree. His bank account was well-funded and he could call his house his own. Sunny could have a comfortable life with and with him - if she only wanted to. But he didn’t dare ask himself the question of all questions – “Do you love me?” The fear of losing her was overwhelming. No, the secret certainly remained hidden in his inner life.

Although his goddess embedded the key to his penis cage between her plump breasts, he kept the lock to his innermost being behind thick walls. How influential the fear of losing someone you wanted was. He denied his strong feelings because of her.

“Enough of the thought carousel!” Egon scolded himself and proudly looked at the accurately applied nail polish. The intense red literally jumped out at him and encouraged an inviting mental cinema. But not only he himself should be stimulated over the course of the evening, but also Sunny's selection of potential buyers. It was a dirty and depraved game.

When he started the journey to sissy training and his pretty girl took his feminization into her hands, they ventured onto thin ice. Because if he wanted to be fully a woman, he would have to make his orifices available like a lady did for a man. However, since he had never had sexual intercourse with a guy and did not desire it, that seemed to be the most challenging part of the process.

He was interested in crossing boundaries and gaining experience. Feeling like a lady possessed by a penis. In the meantime, Egon was dreaming about this idea nonstop.

His lady had long felt this lost longing in him. Longer than he even realized he needed. One day she asked him if he wanted to be the star of a latex and fetish fashion show and parade around in front of men in exciting fetish clothing. The gentlemen were then allowed to place their bids on how much Egon should cost.

Since he was a virgin, Sunny hoped for a high price. Of course, she wouldn't miss the opportunity to use the money she earned to book a wellness vacation in order to relax after his feminization was complete. If he was lucky, he was allowed to come along as her masseur or lesbian slave. But his master had already told him that participation depended on the effort he was willing to show.

And his perseverance in serving as many customer penises as possible. The more sperm he took in, the more guys cum, the better for him. If a suitor wanted to use his mouth instead of a toilet, Egon had to endure it. Those were Sunny's specifications. Her word carried weight because it was hers. So he mentally prepared himself for pee and maybe caviar.

Crossdresser defloration at a fetish meeting

Egon gradually became excited. His heart beat faster and a pleasant tingling sensation took over his entire body. What would his sweetheart wear when he became a wife? Was it the hot long wetlook dress or the catsuit? She looked incredibly stunning in both. He particularly liked sniffing her latex stockings. Of course, only if he was allowed to.

How hot it got when the elbow-length latex gloves were used and she pampered his anus with her fingers. It was almost unbearable with pleasure when his lover used a realistic XL dildo that was inflatable with a pump and almost made his butt explode.

After penetration, licking everything clean was both the greatest pleasure and the worst punishment. Having to taste and eat your own caviar was extremely humiliating. How much Sunny savored the humiliation and enjoyed his torment. She was wonderfully sadistic.

As he reveled in exciting images, more questions came to mind. What would the chosen ones who took part in his auction look like? Were they attractive or ugly, thin or fat, bearded or bald? Did the men have manners or would they attack him like animals?

Then Egon admonished himself, because he could rely on Sunny's care at any time. Whatever happened, he was sure. In all respects. He had never trusted another person as much as he trusted his loved one. The bidders would therefore not only be physically healthy, but also mentally.

Fetishism with latex mask and sissy wig

Smiling mischievously, Egon looked towards the bedroom. A cleverly cut wet-look long-sleeved shirt hung on the closet. A pair of faux leather leggings lay on the bed in front of it. Combined with stylish heels, striking make-up, an attractive long-hair wig and a full-body silicone suit, the illusion of a flawlessly beautiful woman took shape to perfection.

Sunny's candidates would be licking their fingers for him. And he would suck their beating. Grinning, the sissy made her way to the bathroom mirror. When he was with his mistress, a crossdresser silicone mask would be added.

But he couldn't appear at her house without makeup. That was an absolute taboo. And the fingernails weren't attached or painted yet either. There was a lot left to do. Egon would have to hurry up so as not to be late for his own defloration.

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