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Crossdresser Geschichte - Versteigerung des Crossdresser Hinterns

Crossdresser Story - Auction of the crossdresser butt

Egon was determined to achieve femininity - whatever the cost. After a long journey of self-realization, he had taken on this transformative task with confidence and dedication. That night, feeling unwell, Egon methodically painted each nail pink, as she had requested.

As his trembling hands stroked his nails again after taking a deep breath, they were soon covered in cherry red - a sign of progress toward freedom from gender binary conformity. It seemed as if nothing could stop Egon from realizing his wish: to be a woman!

Egon was frustrated that his tendencies were not recognized by society. Although he was able to perform in travesty on stage, he was not as accepted on the street and in the shopping streets. Egon learned this firsthand when he was confronted with the hostile reactions of other passers-by who judged him simply for wearing women's clothing.

As if sensing these negative energies, shivers ran down his spine when he put on wigs or latex suits to create the illusion of femininity - moments when hatred of the man in drag was at its strongest.

With a deep sense of relief, Egon pushed aside the unpleasant memories and resumed his task. A noble whore* had been kind enough to give him valuable guidance and support on this important journey to self-realization. Without her presence, he probably wouldn't have had the courage to take such a bold step into uncharted waters. It was a certain lady from an advertisement who triggered these impulses in his soul.

She spoke in such a seductive tone that it felt as if time just stopped around them both. In doing so, she gave no indication that she saw their meetings as merely a means of payment or a burdensome obligation, as if they were affected by a looming deadline imposed by a ticking clock of servitude.

Every time Egon and Sunny met, their shared coffee ritual was just one of the many opportunities for liberation they experienced. From erotic lessons to recreational activities where he could live out his fetishism uninhibited, in her presence the possibilities blossomed for him.

Sissy education while visiting the dominatrix

More importantly, it was their unwavering friendship that made this relationship blossom into something special. Unlike all the other sex workers on the market who judged or exploited him only as an individual with strong desires. In these moments between them, a real connection was formed, forged through listening and camaraderie. Qualities that are rarely found elsewhere, but are undeniably present here.

The tears threatened to fall at any moment and Egon found himself in a state of deep grief. He wanted nothing more than for the grief that was constantly simmering within him to escape and be free. But that poignant moment turned out to be unfortunate, because he had bravely faced an intimidating task: anal penetration by another man, even though his sexual orientation was strictly female. Namely Sunny, who loved putting her bra on his silicone breasts while she rode him hard.

Whether during oral sex or during massage, when his partners stuck their fingers into his anus and felt the pleasure through every inch of skin. Now came the time when he demanded much more from himself, which initially caused social discomfort, but soon led to intense excitement because he believed in his self-worth even though it was socially frowned upon.

To feminize himself, Egon was encouraged to participate in a series of stretching games. His mistress celebrated each crossdressing session with a new vibrator that gradually increased in size. Later came an exciting moment when her strap-on dildo gave him an exhilarating feeling without much foreplay - and taught him respectable oral sex at the same time! While it may sound cruel, the deep penetration and forced gagging only brought Egon immense pleasure - a delicious pleasure like no other.

His head filled with unbearable thoughts as an instrument of Sunny's dominance clamped around his male member like a prison. Strange and unsettling at first, the metal cock cage soon became something he not only accepted but embraced. Through his unyielding grip came both positive and negative sensations, culminating in the desire to submit to her authority.

As Egon's world became dominated by divine and carnal forces, a deep connection developed between him and his goddess. Each day brought new strength to endure the challenging routine as their remarkable symbiosis strengthened, without either party feeling selfish or narcissistic needs, even before they had begun feminization together. During walks, she whispered in Egon's ear, reminding him that fulfillment came solely from his efforts and dedication - an act of pure love for one another.

Sexy crossdressing and hot trans fetishism

Egon was a cultured and educated man who had the financial stability necessary to support himself, but he longed for more. He wasn't just looking for another companion, but the love of Sunny, his seductive lover. Could Egon offer something greater against their world of fun escapades? If only she would fully accept him into her life! Convenient security aside, what really mattered was: Does she love him back?

Egon looked at his freshly painted nails, a bright and passionate red that not only reflected the character of their nightly adventure, but also triggered an intense inner cinema within him. His goddess had kept the key to his cock cage between her ample breasts; beneath there were thick walls that hid much more intimate things. They were on thin ice as he began to learn what it meant to be feminized under Sunny's tutelage. Because there was a lot to be won in this seductive game, both for himself and for all potential buyers.

Egon's inner desire to become a woman ran deep, but the greatest challenge still lay ahead of him: sexual intercourse with another man. Although he hadn't wanted it before and had found it repulsive, Egon still wanted to expand his own boundaries by experiencing something new. The feeling of being possessed in this pleasant way, as a full-fledged woman. This thought stuck in his mind until one day his partner asked him if he would be willing to show off some daring latex fashions for male eyes. And thereby revealing not only the clothes, but also the part of himself that longs for change.

After hearing Sunny's terms, the gentlemen vying for Egon had their bids ready. His virginity made him even more desirable to her. After all, each of them wanted the chance to experience their first time. With the money raised from this auction, Sunny planned an extravagant vacation as a reward.

Maybe she took Egon with her as a masseur or a lesbian slave, depending on how much effort he could show in serving customers' penises in the city. But no matter how these customers sought pleasure, oral or otherwise. They demanded that Egon give them the greatest satisfaction possible so that both parties would benefit tenfold.

Egon's anticipation grew, his heart raced and an intoxicating thrill flowed through him. What would his lover wear when he becomes his true self? Would it be the slinky wetlook dress or something more daring like the latex catsuit that showcased her beauty so perfectly? Oh, how he loved cuddling those latex stockings! Even if he wasn't allowed to.

Will the sissy whore be able to serve the clients?

His head was spinning as they pleasured each other with elbow-length gloves and stimulating anal play. But nothing compared to penetration by an XL inflatable dildo. An ecstasy that was simultaneously unbearable and yet so wonderfully satisfying. Egon was in a state of simultaneous humiliation and fascination.

He tasted his own caviar while Sunny sadistically enjoyed the situation. His thoughts quickly shifted from speculation about who would attend the auction to a single consolation: no matter what happened, he had absolute confidence that with Sunny's care everything would be okay.

With a mischievous grin, Egon looked at the ensemble he had put together. From the wet-look shirt and leggings to the sleek heels and long wig, all enhanced by eye-catching makeup, Egon was an attractive femme fatale who would make her admirers swoon.

Still, there was still a lot to do before he ventured out into the public eye. The nails needed to be polished, the silicone mask needed to be adjusted. It was important that everything was applied impeccably if he didn't want to arouse suspicion of being anything less than a perfect beauty.

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